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 Columbia Island Marina near Washington, DCColumbia Island Marina at George Washington Memorial Parkway
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Slip Rates at Columbia Island Marina

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Columbia Island Marina provides 385 wet slips on the Pentagon Lagoon for motor boats ranging from 20-50 feet.

The annual contract term is April 1st to March 31st of the following year. The annual slips are deluxe and range from 20-50 feet. They come equipped with 30/50 amp outlets on personal pedestals, personal water outlets (hoses not provided), and personal dock boxes (locks not provided).

The seasonal contract term is April 1st to October 31st. Seasonal slips are non-deluxe 20 feet in length. They do not include utilities. There are public water hoses available on the seasonal docks, no dock boxes.

Payment is collected in full prior to the boating season. Please note that we charge by overall length of the vessel if the boat extends beyond the length of the slip.




$1,656.20* Seasonal Slip


$1,739.01* Seasonal Slip


$1,821.82* Seasonal Slip


$3,252.00   Annual Slip


$3,902.40   Annual Slip


$4,878.00   Annual Slip


$5,691.00   Annual Slip


$6,504.00   Annual Slip


$8,130.00   Annual Slip

NOTE: no wi-fi at this time

*This price is for seasonal slip. Available April 1st to October 31st.
No utilities available (share water and power, no dock boxes).

All annual slips include water and electric.

TRANSIENT SLIPS AVAILABLE: four transient slips which can accommodate boats from 20 to 50 feet in length. The rate is $1.75 per foot per day; with a $25.00 minimum. Complete our online Transient Reservation pdf form to reserve a slip.
POWER FOR TRANSIENT SLIPS: $5.00 per day per 30 Amp cord. $5.00 per day, and per 50 Amp cord $10.00 per day (includes power and water, no dock boxes).

Float Plan at Columbia Island Marina

Complete this plan before you go boating and leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast Guard, or other rescue organization, should you not return or check-in as scheduled. If you have a change of plans after leaving, be sure to notify the person holding your Float Plan (pdf file).


Columbia Island's Wait List Application (online form)

Columbia Island's Transient Reservation Form (pdf file)


Registration / Slip
If you wish to dock at Columbia Island Marina, we are located in/on DC Waters. This means that if your vessel is docked here, it is to be registered in DC regardless of your residence. Please familiarize yourself with the process of registering your vessel.

Documented Vessels
Documented vessels have are to be registered in DC. When your vessel is documented, you do not have to pay the title tax. Vessels that are not documented, have to pay title taxes. Vessels could be documented over 25 ft.  Vessel documentation instructions.

Harbor Legal Requirements
If you are ticketed, the first ticket is a warning, the second one is a citation as well as impoundment fees.  Learn Harbor Legal Requirements.

Find the Value of Your Vessel




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